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Barley & Me

Spoiler Alert: The Beer Dies At The End!

Barley & Me is a unique beer podcast that sets itself apart from the rest. What makes it stand out is its approach to recording every episode on-site at the brewery being featured, a feat that was groundbreaking when the show first started. Host Ben Rice's connections in the beer, comedy, and music worlds have allowed him to create engaging conversations between beer-loving guests and the breweries they love. The podcast highlights the story of beer and the personalities behind it--while promoting artists and creators.

The show has gained recognition in the Sacramento area, being named "one of the best locally-focused podcasts" by CBS and featured in major publications such as the Sacramento Bee, Sacramento News & Review, Sacramento Magazine, and SacTown Magazine. Barley & Me has also made a conscious effort to celebrate and champion diversity in beer and social justice movements. For instance, the podcast was the first to feature Marcus Baskerville, the creator of the Black Is Beautiful Initiative by Weathered Souls Brewing. Additionally, the show tackled topics such as racism, sexism, and homophobia in the industry, allowing anonymous story submissions to give voice to the voiceless when a local brewery was sued for sexual harassment and retaliatory behavior.

Amidst the COVID pandemic, Barley & Me introduced #Chugs4Charity, a social media campaign to support struggling industry workers, social justice movements, educators, and more. By tagging @barleyandmepod on Instagram and participating in the campaign, listeners could enter to win free beer.

If you're interested in learning about the business and history of beer, marketing, and the struggles of small business, but also want to hear discussions on topics such as the best order to watch Star Wars films or which human meat tastes the best, then Barley & Me is the podcast for you. With its one-of-a-kind approach to beer podcasting, you never know what you're going to get.

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Please Dunk Responsibly

Barley & Me host Ben Rice also co-hosts the beer & basketball podcast Please Dunk Responsibly with local chef Phil Webster. During each episode, the duo delves into NBA current events, reminisces about their long-held basketball memories, and discuss their favorite teams—namely, the OKC Thunder for Ben and the Cleveland Cavaliers for Phil.

Additionally, they engage in lively debates about the Sacramento Kings, compare players to beers, and draw connections between teams and breweries, as well as determine what style of beer best fits the stars, superstars, and almost-were’s in NBA history.

Spoiler Alert: If a player has a ball-hoggy, unorthodox game, we’ll probably consider them a milkshake IPA, a style we think should not exist, but that some people absolutely love.

It's Crazy You're In My Business

Join the hilarious Ta'Vi and Becky Lynn as they give their "best" advice to their listeners "every week." Full of witty banter, the two offer their opinions on a wide range of topics, by answering listener-submitted questions.

Whether it's relationship advice or just a general life question, Ta'Vi and Becky Lynn are here to help. So, if you have a burning question that needs answering, don't hesitate to submit your questions.

Tune in to hear their take on life's biggest challenges, and get ready to laugh along the way.

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